The week in Canada 

  It is remarkable how the moments fly. A week ago we arrived, and in what feels like a blink of an eye, we are heading back home.  

 The memories will be cherished, though they cannot all be contained in the memory bank. The things I hope to remember are documented in pictures and in scribbled writings. 

Like when we arrived at the border crossing from the USA into Canada and told the boys we were approaching customs. 

A voice piped up from the back seat – “What do you mean? Do they want to know our country’s customs?” 

Or when we pulled into the driveway and the delightful moment when everyone realized Paul had journeyed with us and the entire family was all together. It was a fun surprise.  

 And then there was the thoughtfully detailed wedding. 

And Mike’s eyes as he watched his bride.   I had the vantage point, as the Matron of honor, of staring directly over the brides shoulder and into the grooms face for much of the ceremony and his eyes radiated his love and adoration for her.         It was good to visit home – it doesn’t happen often enough and it is never enough time to catch up with all those I hope to see.  


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2 Replies to “The week in Canada 

  1. Looks like a fun trip and I love that family picture of the four or you!
    One of these days when you are visiting the great white north and you aren’t in a time crunch we should arrange to meet for a coffee or something because I’m pretty sure I am only a couple of hours from where your family lives:)

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