Things to do around :: Jekyll Island

DSC_7848Paul had to be picked up from Jacksonville airport and I knew we were going to embrace the crazy and make a fun day of it – and do some different adventuring than we found ourselves enjoying two weeks ago. I had noticed signs to Jekyll Island, and have had friends visit it and mention it was “nice” – and since we enjoy exploring various beaches I decided to give it a shot!

It was incredible.jekyll-islandThe beach, during low tide, is a beautiful place to play, with a sandy ocean floor. We thoroughly enjoyed playing on the shore and in the water. Once high tide comes in it hides the rocks on the shore and would be dangerous to go in the water – but there are trees to examine and climb and play with!

We found more interesting ocean treasures here than any other beach we have been to, and given that we had just finished the delightful book Beachcomber Boy, it was a lot of  fun for the boys to continually find things.jekyll-island-1

The boys and I spent the afternoon at Jekyll Island, then we picked up Paul and brought him back so he could enjoy the breath taking views. Pictures cannot do this island justice. A beach full of dead trees! It is remarkable.
DSC_7852Jekyll islandWhile we didn’t do anything else while on Jekyll Island they do have a Sea Turtle Center that I would be interested in exploring if we head back that way.DSC_7836DSC_7839 DSC_7864 DSC_7916

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