Consider Jesus

I love this verse. This verse that calls to those who are His to consider Jesus; Therefore, holy brothers, you who share in a heavenly […] Read More

Books of 2014

This year I tried to read more books than I had been reading in previous years, which meant trying to figure out a new way […] Read More

Loneliness & the God Who Sees

Leaving something familiar for the unfamiliar. The comfortable for the uncomfortable. The traditions, customs, and culture of home for the traditions, customs, and culture of […] Read More

The Undistinguished Momentous

These days slip silently from one into the next, each blending effortlessly into the blurred memories of the past. Special moments highlighted for posterity, but […] Read More


Deep rooted friendships are a very special gift, and I have been experiencing the joys and sorrows of it the past few weeks. My heart […] Read More

Commonplace Motherhood

We were snuggled up reading stories and his fingers traced the lines in my forehead. “What are these lines mommy?” “Those are the beginning of […] Read More