Things Truly Worthwhile

I walked through the quaint little shop, tucked into the end of a row of cutesy shops. The scent was intoxicating before you even walked […] Read More

Adventure & the Lie

Three long sighs emitted from the small body. The build up to something grand. “I know how to make an adventure start,” he shared. “I […] Read More

Celebrate today 

He giggled a little before he verbalized his carefully curated request. “Can we eat pie tonight? After all, today is the only day like this! […] Read More

In the Stillness

Our feet clomped along the wooden boardwalk, breath heavy from a good couple miles under our belt. We chattered and admired and tried to find […] Read More


There is a beautiful collection of verses in the middle of Psalm 112 that have been nourishment to my soul many an occasion. Verse 6-8: […] Read More

Happy Day Mr. Mailman

<sharing from the archives> We use to have a mailman we loved. He was as predictable as the sun is sure to rise. He was […] Read More

Life and death

Life and death. Life and death; two joys and pains that are woven through all of history. It was a car full of life, laughter, […] Read More