Favorite Food Experiences

I read an article in a Smithsonian magazine that inspired me greatly. It’s been almost two years, but it has been truly inspirational; the author […] Read More

Sole | Salt Water

Years ago I stumbled upon an article that talked about sole, a salt water solution made from soaking mineral rich┬ásalt in water. I was intrigued […] Read More

Gluten Free Easter Menu Ideas

Sometimes I feel like eating gluten free is really restricting – especially when it comes to holidays where everyone else is making adorable themed food […] Read More

Paleo Chocolate Cupcakes

I have recently started playing with grain free recipes just to see if I could ever make the switch. My body feels so much better […] Read More

Paleo Pistachio Pudding

I love pistachios – I love them by the handful, or as pistachio pudding, or pistachio icecream … they’re my favorite nut. A couple evenings […] Read More

Buttered Leeks

Leeks are a relatively new food to me – a couple years ago I picked up a bunch as my “new grocery item of the […] Read More

Two Easy Dessert Recipes

Between Paul’s finals, moving and our gluten free diet Christmas baking hasn’t been on any of the to-do lists. That is, until late night cravings […] Read More

Soup Week

Last week I started soup week in our house – mostly┬ábecause my kids are adamant that they do not like soup and I wanted to […] Read More