The Undistinguished Momentous

These days slip silently from one into the next, each blending effortlessly into the blurred memories of the past. Special moments highlighted for posterity, but […] Read More

Commonplace Motherhood

We were snuggled up reading stories and his fingers traced the lines in my forehead. “What are these lines mommy?” “Those are the beginning of […] Read More

Mothers & Dandelions

He handed me a fist clutched tight with his prized treasure. “For you mama! Beautiful flowers just for you.” His eyes shone bright with pride […] Read More

Happy Birthday Judah – 7!

Dear Judah – Happy Birthday my darling! Your sixth year of life has slipped seamlessly into your seventh – seventh! What a joy it has been […] Read More

Christmas Morning

Wesley woke us just after 7 – he had been instructed to stay in bed until it was light and the moment the light peaked […] Read More