Family Night #30

This week we showed the boys the old Journey to the Center of the Earth. Paul is in the middle of reading it as their […] Read More

Family Night #29

We missed a few weeks of family night – Paul was out of town and then we took a week long family vacation – which […] Read More

Family Night #28

Family night this week took full advantage of being reunited with Paul and the gorgeous local scenery where we were. More on Jekyll Island here. […] Read More

Family Night #27

I wasn’t quite feeling “family night” this week given that the other half of this parent team was out of town – so I handed […] Read More

Family Night #26

We are halfway through our year of family nights! This week, in anticipation of Paul leaving for a short work stint, the boys chose to […] Read More

Family Night #25

I have seen posts popping up about how mom’s need to get over their concern about how they look in their bathing suit and just […] Read More

Family Night #24

Last summer we found a wonderful little farm that had pick-your-own berries. Not only were they well priced and delicious, but the owners were SO […] Read More

Family Night #23

This we set aside family night to get some necessary yard work done – raking, trimming, general tidying up – all in the name of […] Read More

Family Night #22

We went bowling this week – the first time ever for the boys and the first time in ten years for the parents. It was […] Read More

Family Night #21

This blow dart gun recently found its way into our lives and it has been a huge hit! We decided to have some fun and […] Read More