Family Night #40

As Paul’s semester winds down (slowly – still have a handful of weeks left) things are getting more crazy. Study times are more demanding and […] Read More

Family Night #38

We didn’t do an officially “family night” due to the fact that we were going away for a weekend at a Christian camp for a […] Read More

Family Night #37

It’s that time of year again – sort of. Our weather is kind of crazy and won’t stay cool. It has been in the high […] Read More

Family Night #34

We took the boys to hear Sons of Jubal, a choral group comprised of 200 men from all different baptist churches around Georgia – I […] Read More

Family Night #33

This weeks family night idea was Paul’s – and a sweet rescue from the craziness that was threatening to sweep me away. He keeps his […] Read More

Family Night #32

Last week Paul had exams and military responsibilities and our family night consisted of the boys and myself watching episodes of I Love Lucy together. […] Read More

Family Night #31

Lately family nights have been all about watching shows or movies – and it has been thoroughly delightful. I introduced the boys (and Paul!) to […] Read More