Christmas Touches

I wanted to share some of the Christmas touches we have put up around the house. One of my favorites is the collection of silver […] Read More

the Best Black Pens

I have a little love thing going for pens and I have been wanting to share the best black pens I have discovered on here […] Read More

Art Lab for Kids

Paul was gone for most of the month of August – we missed him terribly, and are so very happy that he is now home […] Read More

Mix & Match Bean Friends

Our crazy traveling is over for now, and the boys have been eagerly anticipating the start of our summer suitcase of fun. It starts today, […] Read More

Wooden Spoon People

 ::we first made these fun wooden spoon people four years ago, but we are going to make more this week so I dug up this […] Read More

Colorful leaves

I have been loving the colorful leaves I have been seeing on Pinterest – painted leaves, washi leaves … all sorts of ways to make colorful […] Read More