Romans 3:23&24 | Bible verse printable coloring sheet

Romans 3:23&24 - a Bible verse printable coloring sheetThis week was a bit of a busy one – the boys have been saving for a trip to Great Wolf Lodge and all of their hard work finally made their dream come true this week.
Then we had a few other fun but busy commitments and when I sat down to pull together my Sunday School lesson for tomorrow I really wanted to make a coloring sheet for my kids, whom one has been asking to just color.

The exact words were; (long sigh) “I miss my last year (Sunday School) teacher. She was really good and she showed me she loved me.”
When I inquired further what came out was; “She let us color.”

Romans 3:23&24 fits right in with what we will be talking about tomorrow. So I thought I would make this bible verse coloring sheet for them.

Some, I imagine, will want to color in the letters. Others will color the background. While still others will be making paper airplanes.

Anyways, I didn’t have time to make the normal Sunday hymn print, so will share this printable coloring sheet with Romans 3 and verses 23 & 24;

For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and are justified by His grace as a gift, through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus.

Click on either image or right here for the pdf Bible verse printable coloring sheet to print.
Romans 3:23&24 - a Bible verse printable coloring sheet

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2 Replies to “Romans 3:23&24 | Bible verse printable coloring sheet

  1. Thanks so much for sharing! My kids will love this – I chuckled at your comment about the paper airplanes. I teach the kindergarten class at our church twice a month and I always marvel at how each child creates such a unique masterpiece when they are all given the same materials and they all look at the same sample! I might just have to colour one of these myself to hang in my office at work:)

    Great Wolf Lodge is on my kids’ wish list as well. We are working our debt snowball right now but are hoping to surprise them next year when we finally reach the end of our consumer debt! I love the idea of having them save up for it. We had our oldest save up for her ipod a couple of years ago. When she had about three quarters of the price of the one she wanted saved, we paid for the rest as her Christmas present. I think she appreciates that small portion we paid way more than she would have appreciated it if we had paid for it all! Maybe in January we will get the kids to start saving for the GWL trip and see how far they get by the time we surprise them by paying for the rest in the summer:)

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