Sh sound practice

sh-ch-soundWe recently started speech therapy for the youngest. I have felt for a long while that it was needed but his doctor kept insisting it was not needed. Due to various reasons we switched doctors this year and the new one immediately agreed with my concern and referred us to speech … and so here we are. We have many sounds we are working on, the sh sound being one of this weeks.

There are SO many resources available online for helping with speech, but I just couldn’t do it by myself. This is one arena where I needed outside help and I am so thankful that it is so easily available!

We meet with his speech therapist once a week and it is a long hour! For a homeschool kid who is use to short lessons I am super impressed with his ability to sit and engage for an hour.

I shared this on Facebook – it’s still making me laugh;

Wesley started speech therapy last week and the very first thing his therapist said was; “The very first thing we ever do is wash our hands.” And she handed him a bottle of hand sanitizer and he washed his hands.

So this week he sits down with her and she passes him the bottle and he reaches for his pocket and pulls out his own bottle. “I brought my own. It smells better than yours.”

He has such a fun personality!

Anyways, this week I started to supplement his take him work from his therapist with some more fun options I have found online. Wesley likes worksheets, so this has worked well for him. I couldn’t find a free sh sound printable that I liked to help distinguish between the ch and sh sound, so I made one for him, and is available to print either through the link at the bottom of the post or by clicking the image

Where is the Green Sheep by Mem Fox is a GREAT book to work on the sh sound.

I started a Pinterest board where I will be sharing the speech worksheets and other speech resources that I use with him. (It’s not an idea board – it is the actual worksheets we have chosen to use.) It is obviously at the very beginning stages since we are new to this journey of speech therapy.

They say it can take from six to eighteen months of speech therapy – and that sounds so daunting right now! But we will do whatever we need to do to help him communicate clearly, confidently and comfortably.

Printable worksheet to distinguish between the ch and sh sound

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