Kids Online :: daily educational videos {September}

ipad-daily-educational-clips-for-kidsSomething new that I want to introduce to our daily education is getting the kids online with an intentional use of You Tube videos. I have themed each day of the week, keeping that theme throughout the month. If it turns out to be the hit I am anticipating it will be with them, I will redo it all for October. Since school is starting so close to the end of August I am just adding the remaining week of August into September.

I have monitored all of these youtube videos for their content and found nothing objectionable for kids online to be watching on their own. All “related movies” have been turned off so nothing should pop up at the end of the clips. Since all the work went in to organizing this for my boys I thought other kids might enjoy it to. Our schedule for September is::

Mondays will be marine life

Tuesdays will be classical music

Wednesdays will be USA

Thursdays will be the moon

Fridays will be math

The videos are embedded here and I am building a quick link to this page on the ipad so they can go to the corresponding movie for each date – all organized and a fun little extra for them each morning. Plus, it gives a practical application to calendar skills.

August 25th – a fascinating look at a jellyfish sting up close

August 26 – The Piano Guys playing Beethoven 

August 27 – Memorize the States

August 28 – About the moon

August 29 – counting from 1 to a trillion

September 1 Jellyfish – the most dangerous sea creature

September 2 Piano Guys Vivaldi

September 3 Memorize the States {with capitals}

September 4 Phases of the moon {song}

September 5 Measurement Song

September 8 Nudibranch and Man-of-War

September 9 Piano Guys {Bach}

September 10 Memorize the States

September 11 Phases of the Moon

September 12 Money Song

September 15 Electric Eel

September 16 Piano Guys {Mozart}

September 17 Flight over the Grand Canyon

September 18 First moon landing 1969

September 19 Money Song

September 22 Hermit Crab vs Conch

September 23 Piano Guys {inspired by Beethoven}

September 24 Presidents of the USA SONG

September 25 Folding paper to get to the moon

September 26 Fractions

September 29 Sea Lion vs Octopus

September 30 Piano Guys {Vivaldi}

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  1. Jessica, these are awesome! I’ll be using some of these with my class, and you’ve inspired me to share the other videos I put on each morning for my boys. We arrive from 8, are meant to be in by 8.15, and have assembly at 8.30, so at 8.20 I love to share a video/story – a great way to motivate the boys to be on time 🙂

  2. This is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing! I appreciate the time it took you to find the videos with good appropriate content. I love this idea and I will be sharing the videos with my kids. After reading Claire’s comment I might make it an incentive for getting ready on time in the morning:)

  3. I love these. All the ones we’ve watched are great. Please do more of these! Wading through youtube takes so much time. 😉 Thanks!!

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