Paddle to the Sea – Chapters 11-14

Paddle to the Sea Chapter 11-14 Activities

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Chapter 11 – Paddle Finds one end of Lake Superior

– Read The Age of Steam {can’t find a copy of it online} and talked about freights, containers and moving commodities around the country.

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Chapter 12 – A Fish Story- Talked about fishing and various fish. They had been given the opportunity to spend a few minutes fishing a couple of days prior, which tied in perfectly with this chapter!

Chapter 13 – Adrift Again
– Talk about season changes and what happens in each season.
– Cut out leaves I had drawn on fall-leaf colored paper {as seen above… and as you can see from their cutting-on-the-black-line skills -or lack thereof- there is a reason why we do cutting activities each week!}
– Create the “Happy Fall” card for someone using the fall leaves and a fall themed picture.
– Using the same colored paper as the fall leaves I cut rectangles and attached them to matching pipe cleaners and then sent them out in the backyard to look for items that matched those colors.

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Chapter 14 – The Shipwreck
– Read Keep the Lights Burning Abbie and talk about what lighthouses do

I am using Paddle to the Sea by Holling Clancy Holling with my 3 and 4 year old sons for our “school” this year. Shared above are the activities we have done this week relating to each chapter. Related books and activities are geared towards the young ages of my own children but are easily adaptable for older children.

Using a large piece of poster board I created a rough map as seen on the last page of the book. This map is referenced daily to track Paddle’s adventures.

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