Paddle to the Sea – Chapter 1-5 Activities

PADDLE-TO-THE-SEA-LESSON-PLANSI am using Paddle to the Sea by Holling Clancy Holling with my 3 and 4 year old sons for our “school” this year. Shared below are the activities we have done this week relating to each chapter in Paddle to the Sea. Related books and activities are geared towards the young ages of my own children but are easily adaptable for older children.
Using a large piece of poster board I created a rough map as seen on the last page of the book. This map is referenced daily to track Paddle’s adventures.

Paddle to the Sea Lesson Plan – Chapter 1- 5 Activities

Chapter 1: How Paddle to the Sea Came to Be
-Introduce the children to the large map of Paddle’s adventure. Point out the border line between the USA and Canada. Point out known landmarks (places they have been and where relatives live.)
-Read Usborne Starting Point Science -section about snow.
-Carve our own canoes out of bars of Ivory soap. (used butter knives – the boys were perfectly capable of such an activity.)

-Float our soap canoes in our {small inflatable} pool. Then grabbed other random household objects to see what would and would not float.

Chapter 2: Long River Reaching to the Sea
-Review Usborne Science lesson on snow.
-Read It’s Spring book.
-Make paper canoes to follow along on our map. Let the boys name the canoes. {Wesley named his “Sink Me.”}
-Set up “bowls on a gentle slope” to give a visual of the Great Lakes as per the books description.

Chapter 3: Paddle Starts on his Journey
– Read How to be a Nature Detective
– Watch ice cubes melt in the sun.
– Go on a nature hunt in the backyard
– Move little paper canoes along on map

Chapter 4: Brook and Beaver Pond
– Read Who Lives Here
– Draw some of the animals described in this chapter

Chapter 5: Breakup of the River
-Stick a canoe under a log {use one from a plastic Indian set} to show how Paddle got stuck.
-Using the hose create a waterfall and send the log with the canoe stuck in it over the falls.

Week in Review: Carving the soap boats was a huge hit with the boys. They begged every single day to do more carving!

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  1. This looks great! My oldest attends public school and the other two will follow but I don't believe that gives me a pass on being active in their education.

    During this summer break we have been following a plan that I came up with including art, printing, simple math and money recognition, reading and (for the younger two) letter recognition and counting. I try to make everything fun and interesting – tweaking our daily activities to include these topics. As my oldest heads off to grade one, we will take a bit of a break before we start something new.

    I will be following you on this series. This looks like something that my kids would enjoy.

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