Mommy, Can We Google …

mommy-can-we-google“Mommy, can we google …” has been a FAVORITE question from the boys. I just NEVER know what question is going to come out of their mouth, and can almost never figure out where the question came from. Their questions reveal a lot about what’s going on in their minds, so I love when they ask them … and, clearly, they have it figured out that Google knows more than mommy.

I have tried for a couple years to track some of their questions, just for the pure sweetness of them. But I am not that organized. It finally hit me – I should make “Mommy, can we google…” a weekly routine. I made them copy work sheets and Tuesday is dedicated to their question asking. In place of all other copy work they write out their questions for Google.

I read over the questions, find the answers for them, and on Thursday we look at the material together.

It’s been a fun activity to do together, and I am going to try to share our “Mommy, can we google…” questions and answers on Fridays now!

This weeks “Mommy, can we google” questions & answers:

How much does it cost to go to Great Wolf Lodge?

All information on rates and activities can be found on the GWL website. Short answer: about $200/night, which includes sleeping accommodations and water park tickets.

When can we go to the theater?

*ahem* smart aleck.

Who invented guns?

Who invented paper?

What do monkeys do in the winter?

This is adorable! (Even if it doesn’t exactly answer the question!)

Where do bananas grow?
An interesting site with all sorts of facts on banana growth, exports, even interesting information about women workers in the banana industry.

Should you have any resources to add to the answers, we’d love to hear about it!

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