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** 2015/2016 homeschool planner printables are loaded and available here **make your own homeschool planner I am so excited about my homeschool planner that I made. I have looked at dozens of planners and have never been completely enthusiastic about any of them. While there are many excellent planners for homeschool moms they are created by someone else who has their own ideas for their own family. There were always extra pages I didn’t want, or not enough of the ones I did want, or laid out in a manner I didn’t like, or had tacky art on the cover.

I eventually concluded that I had more time than money and would rather create the dream planner {for me!} than spend money on one I wasn’t super excited about.

When I began researching making my own homeschool planner I quickly realized two important facts;

1. There are TONS of free homeschool planner printables that other people have put together.

2. While I knew what I wanted in my book, I didn’t have a working experience with my idea to know that it was perfect for me.

With that in mind I decided my time would be better spent using other’s printables and just focus on piecing it together exactly how I wanted. {in future years I will be creating all my own printables for my homeschool planner.} There were a few printables I ended up creating due to not being able to find what I wanted online, but the majority of my printables came from Tina’s 7 Step Free Curriculum Planner and from Donna Young.

I gleaned a lot from reading through Tina’s blog and I would highly recommend reading through her pages before starting your own planner. She has really done a phenomenal job of walking you through the entire process and explaining why she does it her way.

Once I printed all the pages I thought I wanted in my planner I put the loose pages away for several weeks. I pulled them out this past week and went through it several times to make sure I still wanted all the pages – turns out, I didn’t want them all anymore and culled a few. I think it is an important step :: print your pages and then give it time before binding to ensure everything you want is in there, and only everything you want.

homeschool-plannerI took a piece of cardstock for the front cover and one for the back cover and added some of my photographs and favorite quotes and verses to them and used some washi tape to pretty it up. Then I ran each through my laminating machine. With all of my pages in the order I wanted them in, and with my front and back cover complete I took it into Office Depot and asked for it to be coil bound. It took less than 10 minutes and cost $2.42 with a coupon the cashier had behind the desk.

Here is the way I have chosen to organize my homeschool planner to meet our needs for the upcoming year :: DSC_29422013/2014 school calendar – for a quick overview of events.

DSC_2943Goal planning – I have one for each boy and will note skills, character and academic related things that I notice we need to work on. This is the list of stuff we are working on mastering, a place to organize a list – what we will be working on gets put on a sticky note at the front of the book and stays there until it is completed, then another sticky note gets placed in the front of the book. 

DSC_2944I am organizing all our schooling into 6 week chunks of time, our history and science reading, memory work, art appreciation and music study, etc.

DSC_2945Our state does not require attendance logs any longer but I thought I would get into the habit of logging attendance.

DSC_2946I am not certain that I will love this Reading Log, but I am trying to find an easy way to track all of our reads so am trying this method out.

DSC_2947We will be working through a year of habits again so I included a sheet to take notes and write down ideas for each habit we focus on.

DSC_2948I included a few Charlotte Mason quotes on the bottom of the pages I put together.

DSC_2949If I was pulled together for the year I would have typed up our poems and verses to be learned this year, but I am not so pulled together and thus have lined pages to write in our memory work once I figure it out.

DSC_2951Dollie made this printable and I liked it so much I decided to include it in my planner to use as inspiration.

DSC_2952DSC_2953DSC_2954Likewise I found Abeka’s Scope and Sequence printable useful for a reference point. I am piecing together the boys education myself and while I feel no need to teach by a standard I also want to ensure I am not missing something in what I am choosing to teach. 

DSC_2955I am introducing Classical Conversation’s memory work to the boys and printed a list of what is covered each week.

DSC_2956Meeting notes! I rarely {never} take notes at meetings. {I rarely go to meetings.} But I need some spare paper just in case.

I forgot to get a picture, but immediately behind this section are lined pages, split into three columns across the page. I am using this section to write down what books I will be using, how many lessons are in each book, and how long I estimate it will take us to work through the book.

DSC_29572014/2015 calendar so I can note seasonal things I want to remember for next year.

As you can see, it is fairly simple and laid back which is exactly what I am hoping this year will be. (The pages I cut from the book at the last minute were more detailed daily planners; we are just not there yet and I eliminated all pressure to feel like I should try by not putting the pages in!)

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