Cool Math Games:: Learning Place Value Game Idea

Cool Math Games:: Learning Place Value Game Idea

The 4 year old is  learning place value this week (first through tenth) and, as with most things, a place value game makes the learning delightful. The 5 year old played along, as it is great reinforcement for him and games are more fun with two people playing.

 I love games as a way to teach and reinforce ideas!

Do you see the delight on his face? This was in the middle of math. Love his enthusiasm!

Our game was a contest between their stuffed animals to see which stuffed animal could be tossed the furthest. The place value game for today taught first, second and third place – each day this week we will increase a couple of place values until we have mastered through tenth place.

We first sat down and made first, second and third place medals for our games -which lent itself to a conversation about gold, silver and bronze being associated with first, second and third. Each boy made their own set of medals. {As an aside, a large hole punch is such a useful tool for home and school activities!}

The boys then went and chose three stuffed animals each to compete in our place value game.At the sound of the {toy} gun each animal was tossed and it was then determined which animal came in first place, which animal came in second place and which animal came in third place. A ceremony was held to award each animal their appropriate medal. In Wesley’s heat lightweight Mr. Lion won by default of bad aim. In Judah’s heat Cow-ie won by a long shot.

The boys thoroughly enjoyed the place value game {they asked to play with more of their animals!} and first, second and third place value has been cemented in their mind in a practical way.

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Jessica Lynette


  1. So fun! Please keep posting the fun learning activities you guys are enjoying…we are enjoying them too!

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