Learning Greek :: It’s Not Greek to Me

its-not-greek-to-meIt’s Not Greek to Me was sent to me as part of the Mom’s of Masterbooks materials to review. Todd Friel is the teacher in this dynamic DVD and had our entire family laughing and enjoying the introduction to Biblical Greek.

Judah (7.5) has been pleading with me to start him on a second language, so he was thrilled to bits to have this.
Wesley (6) enjoys the humorous parts but isn’t as hungry to learn a language. He was happy to sit with us, and that is good enough for me.

We have completed the first two lessons and will be slowly working through the remaining lessons through the summer. It is designed for older students, but there is plenty in it for the boys to extract and I am going to take advantage of their enthusiasm.
I never would have purchased this for my boys at their current ages but I am pleased to have it and it will be well used.

Mr. Friel is an enthusiastic teacher that does very well on camera explaining things. He draws the audience in and captivates their attention with his enthusiasm and corny lines.
For older students working through this and the workbook (which I would recommend to work throught alongside this) it counts as half a language credit.

There are a couple minor editing glitches – a couple lessons cut off a tad bit early and at the 20 minute mark the text on screen doesn’t match what is being taught, but those are going to be corrected for future publishings and are truly small glitches in this otherwise quality DVD on learning Greek.

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