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Wonder & Wildness - a new blog to encourage homeschoolersLate last week I launched my newest project – Wonder & Wildness, a blog to encourage homeschool moms as well as a place to corral all the homeschool related posts I sometimes write and more often just think about writing. I will be moving over much of the related content from this blog to that one, and keeping this one for other non homeschool related writing. Sometimes I might struggle with the balance of what falls where, so forgive me if I cross lines sometimes.

From the “about” –

“Hey! I’m Jessica – and maybe you know me from the various places I poke around the web, or you’re my in real life friend ( <3), or you’re new here – whomever you are, and whatever got you here, welcome and thanks for being here!

This little corner of the web has been on my heart for a long time, and I am thrilled it is finally coming together.

Wonder & Wildness is a place to ignite and excite the joyful journey we are on as homeschool moms.

Once upon a time I sat beside a beautiful, brilliant woman that was many seasons ahead of me in the mothering adventure. When she heard I was homeschooling my boys she asked deep, thought provoking, and somewhat personal questions about the details of our journey as well as homeschooling on a state level. I was a bit taken aback by the direction of her questions but, having nothing to hide nor fear,  I indulged in her question asking and answered all of her questions based on my experience and my own understandings and observations…”

Read more here.

Thanks for being a faithful reader! I am excited for this new adventure.
Wonder & Wildness - a new blog to encourage homeschoolers Wonder & Wildness - a new blog to encourage homeschoolers

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