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History through literature - Beautiful Feet Books - great history option for elementary studentsI am thrilled to pieces about our history choice for this upcoming school year, and will be sharing about it throughout our school year.

I have known about Beautiful Feet Books for as long as I can remember, but until now I wasn’t quite ready for how pulled together it is.

And even then – I wasn’t thoroughly convinced.

Months ago I started conversing with them about the possibility of me being a blogger/reviewer for Beautiful Feet Books. I wasn’t totally sold on their program being a perfect for our family, and so they generously offered to send me the study guide with no obligation or pressure just so I could try it out and get a “hands on” feel for the Early American History program.

I poured through it and was so impressed. I like putting things together myself (as you’ll see, I tweaked this to fit us better) and I tend to shy away from pre-made-up systems.history-through-literature-beautiful-feet-books-1There was never a doubt in my mind that the books weren’t top notch – in fact, a lot of the books on their website we had borrowed from various sources and read as bedtime stories. These are excellent books.  I was just a bit reluctant to use a study guide.

But the gentle approach had me sold. Kids don’t need to be badgered with information – history is exciting and wonderful and FUN; and BFB works from that premise. The questions are thought provoking and will push a child deeper, but at the same time interesting and gentle; allowing a deep, rich foundation to be laid.

history-through-literature-beautiful-feet-books- teachers study guideThe study guide is well laid out, with a total of 106 lessons, each day being very clear in the instructions and reasonable in the amount of work required. The beginning of the guide gives various tips for using it. One option they have laid out is for this to follow either a one or two year program. We have opted for a one year pace, which will be three lessons per week.

print and bind the pages from beautiful feet book online resources so each child has them neatly organized for the school year A lot of the study guide for the Early American History has the children using material printed from the BFB website. Loose papers drive me insane (any other homeschool parent?!) and so I took a couple days to grab every image from BFB resources for Early American History, resize and format, and made my kids each their own Early American History book. Books are easy and cheap to bind at your local office supply store – under $3! I added a few other pages to their book to fill it out and meet other needs in other subjects (you can see some here under “homeschool worksheets”.)fabric-covered-banker-boxes-1

And finally, since I organize our year into six terms of six weeks each, I opted to organize each term in a magazine holder (above). The books fit beautifully and I am able to slip any supplemental materials in there too, so everything is well organized and just waiting for us. More on this bookshelf and how I use it to organize coming in the next week or so. Last week I shared the fabric covered banker boxes, which I am loving.

These books were sent to me in exchange for reviews. Great care was taken to ensure it was something our family would enjoy before agreeing to use my space on the web to share with others, and all opinions are my own.

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