Fabric Covered Banker Boxes | cheap organization solution

Fabric Covered Banker Boxes | cheap organization solutionIt almost feels silly writing about this project, but finding a cheap organization solution that was both useful and cute wasn’t easy and hopefully this will help someone else looking for a cheap organization solution for their homeschool materials.

The actual method for which I use these shelves will be forthcoming – what I want to share here is the fabric covered banker boxes.

I didn’t have much of a budget to work with for organizing these shelves, but I knew I wanted at least 10 baskets, and the cheapest I could find them for was $12 a piece.

Fabric Covered Banker Boxes | cheap organization solutionAs I started considering my options and the way I would use these shelves I realized that banker boxes would perfectly fit my need.
They were the perfect size and price but are desperately ugly.

I purchased a set of 10 for under $20 (in fact, I believe they were on sale for $12 when I bought them) and went through my fabric stash to use up pieces I had on hand.
My cost for covering the boxes was nothing as I had all the fabric on hand and we had a bunch of white glue left over from our paper floor project.

The fabric was trimmed just a little larger than the front of the box and applied with white glue, making sure to smooth out the surface. Easy!

I did leave the fabric tucked in to the boxes for a few weeks as I tried to decide if I liked the color combos before I committed to gluing them.Fabric Covered Banker Boxes | cheap organization solutionAbove you can see a couple other cheap organization solutions that we have discovered – the red boxes on the second from the top shelf are cigar boxes. Depending on the store and owner the prices will GREATLY vary, but I won’t pay more than $1/box. They are a wonderful option for holding little trinkets. These ones are holding magnets and finger puppets.

On the same second shelf are binders – I picked these up when they were marked down to 80-90% off.

The middle and bottom shelf hold magazine organizers from Ikea – as you can see on the bottom shelf they are rather ordinary looking. I had just enough colored paper to redo the end of the 9 in the middle shelf. Soon the remaining 6 will be completed and then they will be organized more aesthetically. Fabric Covered Banker Boxes | cheap organization solutionMore posts coming in the next week or two about our upcoming homeschool curriculum choices, homeschool room, and organization.

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  1. I have so many bankers boxes and love your idea. Where did you get the bookcase? The ones I have are not deep enough for a bankers box.

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