Cursive Letter K traceable worksheet

cursive_letter-K_traceA friend recently sent a letter her children had written – they had written beautifully in cursive and I was inspired to start teaching my own boys cursive. Proper letter formation has been a struggle for one son, and I am hopeful that learning cursive will help correct the problem. I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of it before, but the letter came at a perfect time as I was contemplating my options to help with letter formation and I am so hopeful that this will be a perfect solution.

To teach cursive I am using Classically Cursive Bible Primer I published by Veritas. It is wonderfully straight forward and has, as my boys call it, a “story” to go with each letter.

They are currently working on the cursive letter k and the “story” for the small k is as follows;

I begin at the baseline; loop up to the top, drop back down to the ground, follow the column up to the center, arch out but return back to the column, kick down to the ground and add a curl to end.

The small cursive letter k has been a challenge for both boys and due to the workbooks lack of traceable letter k’s I made them a full sheet of traceable small cursive k’s. I have this vague memory of finding small cursive k’s extremely challenging back when I learned them in grade four! I am all for learning to do things well rather than rushing through our letters, so we may stay on k’s for a while until they adjust to the form with ease and precision.

From time to time they may struggle with letters and I will share any worksheets I create for them for extra cursive practice on here.

The cursive letter k traceable worksheet can be downloaded and printed here : Cursive Letter k Traceable Worksheet

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