Building Through History with Lego {creation – babel}

lego---garden-of-eden8x10We have been enjoying our history study so much. We are using Story of the World, and having already listened to the audio book 5 times prior to this school year officially starting, the boys are very familiar with the stories and events. We are focusing on additional reading, mapping and creative play.

I have two friends working through this history program with their children and today is the first day that we will be meeting to do an activity together – we sat down weeks ago and broke the book down into monthly sections and planned an activity and organizer for each month. The kids are going to love it! Today it is hunters and gatherers. 

But … back to that creative play. The boys do a lot of dress up and play, which is wonderful for the imagination and reinforcing facts and making concepts, locations and dates a part of their vocabulary. 
I have found that asking them to build {from Lego} what they are learning in history adds another element of learning – they talk of what materials might actually have been used, what tools would have been available, how they might have carried the materials … they even argued about whether or not mice would have been running through the tower of Babel as the builders worked. Learning history with Lego is just a perfectly natural thing for boys!

Asking them to build has resulted in them asking a lot more questions. They aren’t necessarily questions I can answer, but questions get the mind thinking; questions leave you wanting more. 

I need to do a better job at photographing their Lego creations, as we currently just have Creation, the fall of man, and the tower of Babel documented. They have covered a much broader scope of ancient history through their building, I am just behind in the documentation of the building. I think it would be fun to build a photobook from these pictures when we’re done with our ancient history study!
lego---exit-garden-of-eden8x10history lego homeschool

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2 Replies to “Building Through History with Lego {creation – babel}

  1. I love seeing their lego creations. You have some really cool lego pieces! I have been looking at getting Story of the World to start with my kids next year – did the boys enjoy the audio version?

    1. Yes! Story of the World as audio is well loved in our house 🙂 Jim Weiss is the reader and I just love his voice 🙂
      The one “iffy” bit to me is that there isn’t always a clear distinctive between myths and reality, and I had to pause it a couple times to clarify.

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