bugsBugs have always been a source of fascination for my boys – and from a distance, they are for me too! We are thoroughly enjoying Bugs Big and Small God Made Them All!

When this book on bugs arrived in the mail from Masterbooks it was devoured by the boys – and I keep hearing the same from the other moms that received this book. It is colorful, has excellent full size images, and engaging content.

As a Christian I appreciate publishers that produce quality books that give honor and glory to God for His creation, and this one does. God as a creative and loving Creator is mentioned throughout the book and references to bugs in scripture are referenced. It is nice to be able to draw from this type of material when teaching my own children.
books-on-bugsImages are such a powerful tool for teaching – one picture is worth a thousand words is a true enough statement. Try explaining to children the size of a Hercules Beetle with words only; the awe and appreciation of the size is lost in a mass of words. But this one picture (below) speaks for itself; these are big bugs!¬†books-on-bugs-1Bugs Big and Small God Made Them All has six “chapters”;

Amazing Crawly Critters

Jumbo Giants

Weird & Wonderful

Bugs in Camo

Bizarre and Beautiful

At the end is a Words to Know Section and then twelve beautiful, full color bug info cards that include the common name, scientific name, size, lifespan, location and diet of these twelve different bugs.

I would highly recommend this book as an addition to your home library collection, for homeschoolers or not, as a resource for learning about bugs.

note: I have caught one editing error so far. It drives me nuts! But over all it isn’t a deal breaker in my love for this book.

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