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around the worldI am so, so, SO very excited about what Thriving Family has put together for families to use this summer. {Little side note – if you don’t get their free magazine you should! It is an excellent resource for Christian families – lots of ideas, interesting articles and fun things like this throughout the year.} 

It doesn’t officially start until June 3, but we have started already as we’ll be away for a week at camp and I wanted to be ahead for that week we will be missing. This summer they are doing Around the World in 60 Days -there is a free map, passport book and passport stamps {click the link and it will take you to the download.} My large, colorful map came from their magazine. 

around the worldI printed the passport books from their site, cut them to size, laminated and hole punched them and attached to a ring.  Oh, and added washi tape. Everything is better with washi.

around the worldThe passport stamps are being taped into the passport book. At the boys initiative we do a silly little airplane ride and ‘going through customs’ as we visit the countries. They love it!

around the worldOn the website there is a little dialogue to read each day – things to pray about for the area, interesting facts about the country, and Bible verses to talk about. I have printed it out and read it to them BUT I wanted a little bit more so I have added a couple of things to round out our trip around the world.

around-the-worldI thought this would be a great opportunity to introduce the boys to the flags from various countries so I printed off two flags for each country from Coloring-Pictures. I dragged each flag into Photoshop and resized them so I could print multiples on the same page. I plan on laminating these and adding them to the passport book.

around the worldIt was fascinating looking through each of the flags as I printed them … I had no idea what a lot of those flags looked like!

around the worldIn addition to the flag pictures I have added an Atlas to our study – it shows us the colors of the flags and gives a few more details about the country. {And it is teaching them what an Atlas is!} 

Talking about missionaries we know in those areas, watching You-Tube clips and making local recipes will round out our adventure of learning about countries around the world this summer. I hope you will join in on this fun adventure this summer!

around the worldGet the free downloads from Thriving Family for Around the World in 60 Days here.

Just wanted to add – I am in no way affiliated with Thriving Family. It’s a free activity they generously put together and I just love it and think it will jibe really well with our family. 


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  1. Ooooo… glad you posted this! I loved this too when I saw it in the last issue, but forgot that it’s still sitting in my to do pile! Thanks for reminding me to move it to the top of my list this weekend! Great ideas…would love to see any more things/recipes/etc. that you add on to it this summer!

  2. So glad you posted this, Jessica! I loved this when I saw it in Thriving Family too, then set it aside and forgot all about it! But thanks to you, I have our passports printed and all ready for tomorrow! Great ideas…I’d love to hear about any more extras/recipes that you add to it! We actually had a lot of fun doing some dot painting yesterday that was inspired by Aboriginal art. Didn’t plan it to go with this, but it actually goes perfect with week 1!

    1. So weird Cindy – this went into Spam and I just found it!! Never had that happen before with your comments!
      Anyways, I will try to update things!! 🙂

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