Alligator Observed

DSC_2559One of the more peculiar things of living in the south is the ability to see an alligator in a pond. I have seen them oodles of times, and yet each time it is exciting. They are incredible animals to observe. DSC_2571This Anhinga ducked and swam UNDER the alligator when it got too close. It was very funny to watch the bird outwit the alligator. Another observer of the alligator told me he has seen the alligator attack a bird previously. DSC_2580 The dragonfly landed on the alligator and stayed on for quite awhile. It was rather amusing and inspired stories from the boys about why a dragonfly would hitch a ride from an alligator. DSC_2606 Check out the skin texture! It is incredible. God certainly did create a diverse and beautiful world for us to observe.DSC_2607

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