A New Homeschool Space

DSC_1188My laptop has been slowly {s-l-o-w-l-y} chugging along for a long time … and this past week has been spent reformatting it and restoring my folders and files {and then looking through old files… life passes so quickly… it feels like Judah was two yesterday}

And really – this past week has somewhat followed along the lines of the “If you Give a Mouse a Cookie” books… we started out with wanting to reformat a laptop and have ended with Paul’s office turned into my new homeschool space and his office merging with the guest room.

I finally have my own homeschool space.

It’s fabulous.

And still unorganized.

But fabulous in its unorganized mess. It has so much potential.

DSC_1218aOur big bookshelf had to be emptied and carried upstairs. It has yet to be refilled, but when it does get filled it will be with great care and intention.

DSC_1226aIn our new homeschool space is the enormous 8 foot whiteboard we made a few years ago. {more on that here} Whiteboards make everything more fun. It needs to be lowered about 8 inches, but we’ve been enjoying it.

DSC_1144aprilOnce the space is a bit more pulled together I will take pictures – but the big move, along with the computer changes, were the reason for the absence the last little bit… 

… and this. The gorgeous spring weather we’ve been having has been calling us!

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