44 Animals of the Bible

animals-of-the-bible I was highly anticipating receiving this book 44 Animals of the Bible – we really enjoy nature study, as well as interesting tidbits about the scriptures so this seemed like a fantastic fit.

And it has been a really good fit! When it arrived the boys grabbed it from the box and were mesmerized.
We have been using this a springboard for whetting our appetite for further study and for trivial information.

This is not an in-depth look at animals of the Bible – the details are very limited, and sometimes seems a bit stiff.

What it is is a fantastic tool for reference, and we have genuinely enjoyed it in our library. The animals are arranged alphabetically, making them easy to find. The layout is user friendly, with a Bible verse referencing the animal across the bottom of each page. The colorful illustrations are nice and grace each page.

We have really enjoyed using 44 Animals of the Bible to help us dig deeper and explore this subject.

animals-of-the-bible-1My one “eh” is that the Unicorn is included as an animal mentioned in scripture and I feel like the description is rather weak. animals-of-the-bible-2

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