Wedding Countdown

bridesmaid-wedding-shower-gift-1My sister is getting married the end of May and I am SO hating the hundreds of miles between us right now. I won’t be able to share in any of the joyful events leading up to her big day celebrating HER and my new brother-to-be. Kinda stinks being so far away at such a special time.

I really wanted her to know that I am thinking about her and help share (a little) in the festivities … after thinking through many possibilities I decided to do a wedding countdown for her – 30 gifts to open, one per day leading up to THE big day. bridesmaid-wedding-shower-gift-2

The gifts are a mix of everything – shower gifts I’d have given if I were actually up there, little snacks for her and her fiance, fun, silly little things … I don’t want to say too much because while I HOPE she doesn’t read this, she just might pop over hoping for a hint.

One of the silly little gifts was a flavored lip chap – one of my favorite things is to get a new lip chap flavor before a major event and then forever connect that scent with that event. So I bought her a flavored lip chap and explained why to her.bridesmaid-wedding-shower-gift-3

There are a couple (cute) water bottles spread out over the 30 days of gifts (see this post for WHY!)

Music, cookbooks, household items (things I don’t think will show up at showers, or things you can use in plenty like kitchen towels), duplicates of things I own that she has mentioned in the past wanting, lingerie, art for their new home … that’s about as specific as I can get with this list!
bridesmaid-wedding-shower-gift-4It took SO long to wrap everything and label it. I didn’t expect it to take quite so long (but, I mean – there were THIRTY gifts – I should have known!!) I kept to some basic wrapping paper colors, added in a couple sheets of vintage wedding shower paper I had on hand, and used a few paper gift bags in between to mix things up. Washi tape and a random selection of paper finished off the labels with the wedding gift countdown numbers.

The gifts are being delivered up to her thanks to a visiting family member and, knowing her, she will exhibit complete self control and not even touch each gift until the appropriate day! (She is SO not like me!!)

Love you Esther (if you did read this!!) and we are SO excited for Mike joining the family!bridesmaid-wedding-shower-gift bridesmaid-wedding-shower-gift-6 bridesmaid-wedding-shower-gift-7 bridesmaid-wedding-shower-gift-8

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  1. What an amazing sister you are!! Makes me wish I was getting married again! And you know Esther so well…so far she is resisting even reading this blog to get clues about the gift!! Is she my daughter?? Love you!

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