Nail & String Art Project

nail-and-string-artThis is, by far, my favorite of all the hand crafts my boys have made. My five year old made this nail string art horse head and it now proudly resides on our mantle. Both have been begging me to find more templates for them to create more nail string projects as the five year old thoroughly enjoyed it and the six year old was rather envious. 

Country Living had this featured in their magazine awhile ago, and templates for horse, bunny and bull are available to print here. You may need to resize according to the size of your wood. 

nail-artOnce the horse head template was secured (with tape) on top of the wood Wesley was able to follow the template and nail in each nail on top of the dot. I helped him remove the paper once all the nails were in place and then got him started on the string.

I found it useful to teach him to wrap the piece of string around each nail twice. It helped prevent the whole thing from unraveling. (We learned this trick the painful way!) 
He also needed to be shown where not to run the string (like in the space you can see above between the horses nose and neck, and between the ears.) It took a few mistakes before it clicked and he realized why it wouldn’t work to spread the string over that space, but he eventually got it! 

By the time he finished with it there were a few neglected nails, so I finished it off for him to include all the nails in the project. 
nail-art-2Having scoured the web for ideas for future nail and string art projects for the boys here are the ideas I am considering one of these two for the next string art project:


The nail and string art Feather from Design Curiosities or the State Map and heart from the Harpster Home.

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4 Replies to “Nail & String Art Project

  1. I love this! And I know my horse loving youngest will definitely love that particular template:)

    I am running a craft club for the girls in my daughter’s grade three class where they will come to our place once a month for a few hours to do crafts – I think I will add this one to the list. We have lots of scrap wood we can paint then we just need nails and string. Thanks!

      1. For now I am not charging for supplies but my daughter suggested asking everyone to bring a donation to the food bank with them instead.

        Our church runs a craft camp every summer and I was lucky to be able to ‘shop’ through their left over supplies and got a lot of stuff and ideas for very cheap. I’m trying to plan the crafts around those supplies and whatever else we have on hand already. We love to craft so I already have lots of paint, brushes, glue etc. My criteria is just that it has to be something that they will hopefully use or treasure – not something that will end up in the trash the next week.

        Our first craft is going to be decorating small cork boards that I got from the church. I managed (with a coupon) to get each girl’s first initial in a cute wooden letter for 35 cents each and a bag of wooden shapes for $1. They are going to paint the frame/letter/shapes then glue the letter and shape to the board and decorate using glitter glue and my collection of random buttons. Total cost is around $10 for eight girls (plus my two boys – I’m saving the wooden sharks for them!)And I’ll have some kind of little activity for those who finish quickly.

        If costs start to be too much then I will probably ask for $2 to $5 per girl to offset it. I told that to the moms when they called to RSVP. Some of them said they have a surplus of craft stuff at their homes and are donating to the club to clear out their shelves.

        I originally got the idea from a boy in my daughter’s class who had a monthly lego club last year. I’ll probably do that with my boys when they are a bit older.

        Wow that response got long – sorry about that!

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