Growing Peonies in the South | the beginning

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It has been forever since I have updated this little space – hello to any and all that are still reading. I didn’t think the line would be so blurred between what goes in this space and what goes on the homeschool blog (mostly – all of it ends up there) … nor did I anticipate that life would just become busy and writing would take a back seat. A good kind of busy. It’s been full of new activities, routine activities, and people. In January we served over 50 dinner guests throughout the month – something we love, but definitely takes a commitment of time, which means other things aren’t getting done.

Anyways, growing peonies has been something I have been interested in for years and I have finally decided that I am going to learn how to do it here in Augusta, Georgia. I have met one elderly man who encouraged me to do it – he said he has done it succesfully and that I just need to plant them and see what happens and try something new if it doesn’t work. So. That is what I am doing.

And while this is just post one, with nothing to share about results, it is necessary in order to track my steps and progress in order to make accurate changes for the next test should this one fail me. (And also : always looking for advice from others!) I plan on adding new posts about growing peonies if this works, or about my change of course if this does not work!

growing peonies in the southI bought the Coral Sunset peony bulb from Lowes for $6.98. It had a little green bud emerging from it. I planted it in my garden bed, following the planting instructions on the packaging. The dirt had been fertilized and I watered lightly after planting. Mulch will be added lightly on top in a couple of days (only because I can’t get it immediately).

This garden bed is next to the house, which one tip I read said not to have it near a house as the walls will radiate warmth and the bulbs won’t get as cold as they need to during the winter months. So if this fails to grow that will be the first thing I change.

Another tip I read about being in the south is that with the heat we get “full sun” isn’t necessarily good and that the plant should be in partial sun. I read multiple ideas about whether it should be morning sun or afternoon sun and ultimately decided on this space (which will get afternoon sun) because if this works, it will be right by my front door and be so very pretty! If it doesn’t work, I will rethink the sun issue, too.

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