Fingerprint Art

While at camp I helped in the craft cabin and one of the craft stations we had set up for the kids was fingerprint art – it was so much fun and very popular with the 8-12 year old crowd … and this 27 year old!!

I came home and decided to do some fingerprint art with the boys, and it was just as popular with the 4 & 5 year old and it made some adorable stationary to send to their Uncle, who is currently sweating his way through boot camp at Parris Island.

To make the fingerprint art you need an ink pad {or two or three!}, paper and a fine tip black permanent marker.

A book of ideas helps a lot – We own Ed Emberley’s ¬†Complete Funprint Drawing Book¬†book is remarkable and full of inspiration. I highly recommend it. In fact, this book, a couple ink pads and a black marker would make a fabulous birthday gift for a child if you’re in need of birthday gifts this summer.

We used our creations to make cards and one of them was framed and put on a shelf in our house. I love the way the fingerprint art turned out and it is super fun to create. The ideas are truly endless!



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