Duct Tape Bow Tie

bow tie Duct Tape Bow TieAren’t these duct tape bow ties fabulous? I took the boys with me to a youth group event last evening and the girls entertained themselves making duct tape crafts – which included these fantastic bow ties they sent my boys home with. 

Two colors of duct tape per tie and a little bit of folding is all that’s involved. They go all the way around their neck and seal with a small piece of tape, though I am considering adding Velcro to it as that little piece of tape keeps catching in their hair.

So stylish.DSC 1896 Duct Tape Bow Tie DSC 1900 Duct Tape Bow Tie DSC 1908 Duct Tape Bow Tie DSC 1914 Duct Tape Bow Tie DSC 1917 Duct Tape Bow Tie DSC 1921 Duct Tape Bow Tie

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Jessica Lynette


  1. I like them. Sure would fill a quick bill and still lok neat. Love me.

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