DIY Minimalist Bed Frame

I am SO excited to share our latest DIY project – a minimalist bed frame that gets our matt off the floor and holds it perfectly and yet still maintains the clean and simple profile we like.

The DIY minimalist bed frame kit came in the mail from Open Your Eyes Bedding and came with the frame sides and you provide your own 2×3 lumber, which you cut to size depending on whether you want a twin, queen or king size bed.

Paul is 6’4″ and this is the size of the box the frame came in and all of the wood we bought to complete it is on the ground.

You can see in the image below what it is you get from Open Your Eyes Bedding with their bed frame kit. It is very simple and yet very well done and makes the job of creating your own DIY minimalist bed frame a breeze!

When we had the kit, we purchased 36 2×3’s and set to work!
The most tedious task was sanding everything down. We split this over a couple weeks worth of work and just did a little at a time. When the bed frame arrived life got crazy and we didn’t have hours to devote to the project (haha …. doesn’t it always happen that way?!) – but we did have 20 minute chunks of time and utilizing the time we did have resulted in all the work getting done.
Once everything was sanded to our satisfaction (ok, let’s be real … to Paul’s satisfaction. He’s much more particular than I am!) we brought everything into our room to start assembling it.
I can’t imagine this being put together outside of the location it is going to end up in. It is a solid piece of furniture and would be awkward to navigate through rooms and doorframes.

Above you can see a timelapse I created of us (…ok … Paul!) putting the bed frame together. We started working on it together but he found it just as easy to do it himself and we thought it would be easier to see the work involved if there was just one person in the timelapse!

As you will see it really did come together easily and is very straightforward.

 Details to Know about the Minimalist Bed Frame:

  • Pure Bond Plywood uses only soy based glue – not added formaldehyde.  “No added” is a term used as all wood naturally contains formaldehyde.
  • FSC certified
  • No metal parts, everything is held together by the natural “twist” of the lumber.  Makes a very solid piece of furniture that can grow with you from a toddler bed to a King size bed!
  • You can make the frame shorter or longer depending how much you overlap.  We also have connector pieces if you want to make a sleigh style bed with 4 headboard pieces.
  • Locally made in a small, local CNC shop.
  • Can make other configurations – ie sofas, benches etc.
  • Great with  The New Twist Mattress Kit.

While we had been previously comfortable with our mattress on the floor (you can read all about that here) we had been casually looking around for a bed frame that would suit us, but prior to finding  Open Your Eyes Bedding we hadn’t found any that were a good fit for us.

The options with this frame are wide open! We have left it solid wood for now as we couldn’t decide which direction to go with it. While paint would definitely work, we are leaning towards a DIY stain. Will share more on that once we settle on what we want and finish it!

We have been sleeping on this bed frame for many weeks now and it has been SO great! The sides are great for holding a book, cell phone, or other odds and ends we want by our side. The sides of the bed (see way above) keep you from being able to casually shove things under the bed which is a habit that’s hard to kill until the option is taken away from you!

The solid wood “head board” has made it easy to attach a power cord to so we can plug in our lights and phones when we want them charging near our beds.

We have slept well on this frame, but from time to time can feel the boards underneath us. Having come from sleeping on the floor this isn’t an issue for us, but it is noteworthy for those considering this bed frame. But also of note is the fact that our mattress is little more than a pad and the twist mattress kit that are sold by Open Your Eyes Bedding (we don’t own them, but I did check out one sample and you can read about it here) would be divine on this frame and are thick enough you wouldn’t feel the frame through it.

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