Craft Kits for Kids :: homemade christmas gift idea

craft kits for kids homemade christmas gift idea

My mom use to put together craft kits for me each Christmas and they were one of my favorite things ever. I remember her craft kits as being a random assortment of craft items – some surplus from her own supplies, some items she bought just for me. My first glue gun came from one such craft kit.

As I have been thinking about Christmas gifts for my kids and other kids on our gift list I was inspired to make up some craft kits for kids. This one that I am showing you is the most organized of the craft kits for kids – the purpose of it is to make wooden spoon people and all of the needed supplies (minus glue) are included.

I have a couple of these wooden spoon people craft kits, but the other craft kits I am making are more … random. An assortment of craft items to be used as the child desires.
Those craft kits have a lot of what you will see below in them (just not labeled with instructions), as well as Styrofoam balls and cones, mini plastic cups, washi tape, duct tape and floral wire.

My kids would much rather have a collection of randomness and create away, but some personalities, and certainly younger kids, would much prefer an organized and purposeful craft box.

Wooden spoon people have been a really fun craft the boys and I have enjoyed doing so I thought it would be fun to build some craft kits for kids to build their own spoon people.

These craft kits are all inclusive with everything needed except the hot glue, which is noted on the included card. Below you fill find a picture of each included item and the sticker instruction attached to each item. Super simple, and hopefully super fun for the children! christmas-craft-for-kids-7

The best price I found on wooden spoons were these 8 inch wooden spoons from amazon I have bought a couple packs of them for various crafts and I have no complaints!
craft kits for kids homemade christmas gift idea
The wooden people need clothing and the best way to do this is to cut up small scraps from your own fabric collection. A 4×4 inch square fabric will be more than enough to drape and tie around the spoon person for clothing. Ribbons and lace trim make excellent belts.

I used velvets and leather and cotton and jersey and lace and old Army uniforms in my kits – an assortment of textures, colors and styles will inspire various forms of play. But use what you have – cut (clean) old clothes into small squares and iron. If you don’t have a fabric stash ask around before buying; everyone has small scraps and I know most people would be happy to share their scraps!craft kits for kids homemade christmas gift idea

I included an assortment of googly eyes, buttons and pom poms; various sizes and colors for personalizing details on the wooden spoon person. craft kits for kids homemade christmas gift idea

Pipe cleaners in various colors were included to be twisted around the wooden spoon and made into arms for the person.  craft kits for kids homemade christmas gift idea

Yarn, in a variety of colors, was included for hair. It is secured with a knot in the center, to be glued to the wooden spoon. Then the child can cut and style the hair as desired.
craft kits for kids homemade christmas gift idea craft kits for kids homemade christmas gift idea

In some of the kits I included raffia, twisted and tied together to be wings. The child can turn their spoon into an angel or a fairy. Or the raffia can be used for hair. craft kits for kids homemade christmas gift ideaThere is no right or wrong way for the spoon people to come together with this craft kit – below is one of the first wooden spoon people that we made, but the options for creative play is truly endless! craft-kits-for-kidsI hope this craft kit for kids is inspiring and that you will consider giving the children in your life something that will inspire their creative side and nurture their love for exploring and crafting!craft kits for kids homemade christmas gift idea

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  1. Hi, I am new and wandered over from instagram! I absolutely love this idea. How old did you start these kitsor would you recommend for these kits to start?

    1. Hi Natalie! 🙂 We first made these wooden spoon people when my oldest was 3 – it was a great age to do this particular craft! At 7 he still really enjoys it 🙂
      I would start craft kits at an age when the kids can have fun with it and it isn’t all on you to do EVERYTHING! 🙂

  2. Is this what Rosa can expect for Christmas? 🙂 If it is I know she will love it. She has a wonderful time when I sit down and do crafts with her.

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