Cardboard Box City

This is currently one of my most favorite things – our cardboard box city. Inspired by an image I saw on Pinterest I decided we would make our own box of whimsical fun.

A little hot glue, an X-acto knife, a random assortment of cardboard boxes, one wine bottle, a few plastic lids, toilet paper rolls, some straightened coat hangers, a Sharpie, and two sets of Christmas lights went into the making of our Cardboard City.

This project is proof that I may have a problem with holding on to things. Paul constantly tells me that I am a “collector of random junk with the ability to turn it in to something cool.” {Which I think is a better skill than his own, which is to collect cool things and they sit around like junk!}
But see that box on the very top on the right? That box was given to me at Wesley’s baby shower {nearly FOUR YEARS ago} and held the first pair of shoes he ever wore. Now, to be fair, I held on to it because it looked cool. Not because I am a sentimental fool. And now it looks pretty sweet atop our cardboard city. So all is well with the world.

This has been up for just over three weeks now. We’ve tweaked, added to and taken away from over that time. I am sure it will continue to change over the next few weeks. The boys adore it for their Army men. They’ve made secret hide outs and car ramps and other boy-ish things.

It makes my heart happy that a pile of recyclable junk has managed to entertain my children’s imaginations for hours on end.

And one day I want to grow up and live in a cardboard city.

Now onto more pictures;

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  1. I love that! We've done big forts out of the big boxes but that is truly an inspiration – and a great way to put all those things my daughter refuses to part with to good use! Thanks for sharing!

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