Bridal Shower Game

I love games but bridal shower games can be a little hard to make personable and fun at the same time. When I was asked to do a game for a recent Jack and Jill shower I scoured the internet for ideas and put a twist on a great idea I read about.
This bridal shower game was a lot of fun and worked really well with both men and women of varying ages.
The game is simply a poem, a few lines written on each page, that instruct you who to pass the book onto next. The lines of the poem tell you a bit about the couple and you learn about the people in the group too.
The person who ends up holding the book in the end gets the prize.

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I had done the couples engagement pictures so I had a lot of photographs of them readily available – if you have to collect the photographs from the bride or groom it might make this a bit more work, though if they have a Facebook account you could always use those photographs – they should print as 4×6 photographs without a problem! The photographs add a nice, personal touch to the whole thing. 
If it was a smaller bridal shower it might be fun to make the pictures of the bride with all of her girlfriends for this game and also make the poem more personal with fun memories tossed into it.
I had an extra photobook that I took it and cut card stock to size, added the 4×6 pictures and wrote the poem out for each page. The pages were then stapled together and glued into the seam of the book. Having the actual book made for a prettier presentation, but you could easily make a book cover out of cardstock and use that.
You could also add stickers and other embellishments to each page to dress it up a bit.

Below is the poem as I used it – I don’t remember where I found the original but I tweaked it and added a few new lines to make it work for both men and women.

Simply copy and paste and then change the names and the specific details to fit your couple.

This game is really easy and we hope you will have fun.
No one can tell who the winner is until the game is done.
Each page of rhymes will tell you exactly what to do.
They will lead you to the winner- perhaps it will be you.
Roses are red, Violets are blue –
Now please pass this to the person
Who is just left of you.

Brian and Rachel are counting down to their special day.
We’re all excited for them – it’s not that far away!
Now please pass this to the person with the most recent birthday.

They are still preparing for there are still things left to do.
Please pass this book to the person with the eyes of brightest blue.
But if there are no blue eyes to be completely fair
You must give this to the person who has the longest hair.

There are many binds in marriage – faith and love are the strongest.
Now please pass this to the man who has been married the longest.

Wedding bells will be ringing soon and “I do’s” we’ll hear them say.
Please pass this book to the person who was last to arrive today.

XYZ St. in (city) is where they will reside.

Please pass this to the person who nearest them abides.

Family and friends came here today from places near and far.
Please pass this book to the person that came furthest in their car.

When Brian asked the question they became an engaged pair.
Please pass this book to the person who knows that date and shares.

Brian and Rachel are going to Jamaica really soon.
Please pass this to a person that was also there for their honeymoon.
But if no one has been to this great place,
Then pass this to the person who sits directly across from your space.

Brian and Rachel have 16 people in their wedding party standing up with them.
Please pass this book 16 times to the left to find the winner and the game will end.

Jessica Lynette


  1. Thank you for this idea. I am going to use it for a bridal shower we are throwing on 2/1/14

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