2013 Calendar Printable

I am so thrilled with how this 2013 calendar turned out – I found the template on Angie Muldowney and just love the simplicity and flexibility the free desk calendar template gives. THANK YOU Angie for the work you put into creating this template! {Go grab the template from her if you’d like to create your own 2013 calendar – you do need Photoshop to use it. Also note; I made mine slightly smaller than her dimensions.}

Random tip: If you are trying to find something specific on Google try searching in the “blogs” part only. I find most of the cool stuff there! {type in your search, click on “more”, click on “blogs”.}

If you don’t wish to create your own 2013 calendar I am sharing mine and it is free to be printed as you desire. Each photograph was taken by me. On the bottom of each month there is a short verse or portion of a verse, taken from the NIV.

I recommend printing the calendar on card-stock, if your printer won’t do this you can upload your design to Staples and opt for a color print on white card-stock. This costs $1 per sheet and this 2013 calendar fits on 3 papers, making it a total cost of $3 to be printed at Staples {or, I’m sure, any other office supply store.}

The three pages for this 2013 desk calendar can be viewed and downloaded by clicking the link to Scribd below.

Once downloaded and printed, simply trim to size and gift or use for yourself! I have several cute display ideas crafted for this desk calendar that I will share over the next couple weeks, but it is sturdy enough to simply balance against a stationary object on your desk without anything additional.


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  1. If you have an OfficeMax nearby, their Impress prices are apparenty much cheaper than Staples. The cost for a color print on cardstock there is $.71 a sheet. Not a gigantic savings for one sheet, but if you wanted to make multiple calendars for family members, it racks up.

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