The Undistinguished Momentous


These days slip silently from one into the next, each blending effortlessly into the blurred memories of the past. Special moments highlighted for posterity, but these ordinary moments just passing by as time is ought to do.

Sometimes I remember to notice the ordinary, the undistinguished momentous moments that are making up the greater whole of our lives, but most often it just slips by. So much of it is the same from one day to the next, and sometimes I am struck with how much those moments matter.

It’s in the ordinary errand running car ride that they open up and share about bullies and feelings and favorite books.

It’s in the quiet before the lights slip off that they want one more snuggle and arms clenched tightly around the neck in a fierce declaration of love.

It’s in the unhurried day where they move between Lego, the trampoline, and their imaginary world of Bobbies – all things they revel in and it brings me such joy to see them enjoy themselves with such simple things.

It’s when they don’t know I am watching that their funniest of moments burst forth – like this silly little game they came up with when they switch over the laundry. One sits on the machine and makes a grand show of pulling out a wet item, while the other tries to guess what the item might be. Maybe you have to be here, but it is hilarious to spy on.

It’s also when they don’t know I am watching that I get a glimpse of how they think I speak; like when the youngest sharply jabbed the oldest in church and rudely whispered “LISTEN! HE IS TALKING ABOUT GOD’S LOVE. MAKE SURE YOU ARE LISTENING.” It was delivered in the most unloving manner, and has caused me to examine how he translates what I communicate to him.

It’s the undistinguished momentous that reveals my laundry is behind and dirty dishes are in my sink but I am caught up on Facebook, my kids have been read to, and we have had a hot, homemade meal. ┬áMaybe some re-prioritizing needs to be done there, but its an honest evaluation of my ordinary day.

It’s these times where relationships are strengthened, not because the moments are intentionally focused on one on one time, but because these are the every day moments that make up the greater whole – and with more ordinary moments in a day, well, I can’t help but think those moments matter a lot.

Those undistinguished moments become the undistinguished momentous.

Momentous Momentous--1 Momentous-4 Momentous--5

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