Tune My Heart

tune my heart to sing thy grace

Beautiful and stately with its hardwood exterior and ornately carved flourishes it resides in the heart of our home.

The illusion of elegance with its dusted frame and regal appearance.

A brief moment at the piano bench would reveal the secret its outward shell hides so well – out of tune and broken keys.

Beautiful, yet broken and unable to perform the one job it was meant for.

Singing praises.


He came over mid-morning to look at the piano. He had given two years of his life to schooling for piano tuning (did you know there was such a thing?) and another two years to an apprenticeship, and had then spent the past forty years building his own business restoring and tuning pianos.

We had every assurance that he was intimately acquainted with both the beauty and brokenness of pianos.

That he could see beyond the broken state and restore it to the beauty it was meant to have.

He looked over the piano, gently removing the case so that he could get to the strings. Every external hindrance striped away to reach into the very depth of the piano. Into its heart.

With skilled eyes and hands, and the utmost care he found the trouble spots unique to our piano.

He devoted his undivided attention, pouring over strings and wooden parts, taking in every detail.

Restoration takes time, effort.

And has a price.


As he finished his work he turned to us and shared how surprised he was that it hadn’t needed more work.

“You know, these older pianos, they are solid beasts. Made well and only needing the occasional tuning.”

A solid foundation.

And yet, still in need of the occasional deep, inner heart tuning to sing the praises it was created to sing.

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