The Wooden Watch

jord-wooden-watch-1Last summer a childhood friend came to visit for a week. I happened to notice she was still wearing her beloved watch that she had received as a gift seventeen years earlier. To be sure, I asked if it was the same watch she had gotten – and indeed, it was! I was impressed. And jealous. I have never owned a watch that lived beyond a year, and I kind of wanted one. So I casually started looking at watches for myself … fast forward to January and I was talking to a rep for something else and he happened to mention wooden watches.

Say what?! I had never heard of wooden watches before. Intrigued, I asked about them – and within a few weeks I had my very own wooden watch.

Guys! It is beautifuljord-wooden-watch-4It arrived in this stylish wooden box – a beautiful safe keeping for the watch when it isn’t being worn.

I chose the Sidney design with maple wood and rose gold face plate – I love the combo so much and it goes with just about everything. I love seeing the wood grain on the watch.
The frame around the watch face and the band are all wood.

The wooden “J” medallion – J for Jord – was a huge hit given that I have a child whose first initial is a J. I love that such little things can delight my children so much.jord-wooden-watch-2When the watch arrived it was entirely way too large. I took it in to a local jewelers and they sized it as small as they were able – but it was still too loose! Jord was quick to offer to fix it for me, so I sent it back and it was custom sized.

Either I missed it the first time around, or it’s a new feature, but they have a measuring system set up so you can get your watch sized to your wrist size easily when you order.

I am thrilled with my new watch.

A good watch is an investment for the years to come, and I hope that it will be on my wrist in seventeen years, just as my friend’s lived faithfully on her for so long. jord-wooden-watch

Jord kindly sent me the watch in exchange for a review. All opinions are entirely my own.
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