Thankful {the Lord is good}

thankfulness“Are we rich or are we poor?” the 5 year old inquires, brow furrowed as he does when there are mysteries to solve.

“What do you think?” I turned the question back on him.

“I don’t know. I asked you because I don’t know and I want to know.”

I don’t know. We have just come out of a season of unemployment, followed by a season of employment at just over the minimum wage mark, and are currently in a season of full time student mode. It doesn’t take much imagination to realize that, technically, we are poor.

And yet there is nothing about us that is poor. We are in need of nothing. Our Heavenly Father has cared for us with such gentleness and grace.

I have shared with others some of the ways that the Lord has provided for us and they have scoffed. “Sounds like you have had a good streak of luck,” they’ve laughed. “Happens to plenty of good people.”

But the thing is, I’m not “good people.” The One who has provided for our daily provision has also provided for my position before a righteous God and any “good” that might be there is Christ. The sin – the things I do that cannot be in the presence of a Holy God – those things were forgiven by the blood of His Son. “Without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sin.

I am thankful, above all, for His provision of His Son.

His care has been unique through this season. With the inability to provide for our own needs at times we have turned to Him in prayer, seeking provision, wisdom, guidance. When we had nothing, when we didn’t know if we were staying or pursuing a career across the country, when things made no sense – He offered a peace, a purpose and a joy indescribable.


I am thankful, for He has sustained us. 

When dear friends offered to us of their excess furniture we found in the offerings two beds, perfect for two little boys who had been in need.

When I was in need of new running shoes we found a like-new pair of Nikes abandoned on the side of the highway. In my size.

When my laptop was breathing its last and I was trying to decide what I should do {which included stepping away from blogging} a sweet friend asked if she could send me her extra one.

When the summer heat befell us and my boys begged for a pool a friend, not knowing of their desire, gave us one he had found in his garage that he had never used with his own children.

When it got closer and closer to the start of our school year my specific list of wants for our homeschool year was filled through yard sales and hand-me-downs from the older homeschool mama’s in my community.

When a friend moved across country and had to dispose of pantry and freezer foods she called me, a bit timid in her offering, but kind hearted in her intent. The food not only cut grocery expenses for a little while, but offered a fun selection of food items we don’t normally purchase.

When Paul was laid off for a bit and our car had expensive repairs (all in the same week) a friend sent a money gift that covered more than those expenses. And she hadn’t known – no one had. She just felt the Lord move her to give from what He had given her.

When we examined our finances closely and Paul told me we should start praying for an extra $200 a month, we prayed that very night, and no one knew of this desire. The very next day a friend approached us with a work opportunity for our family to do together. And it paid $200 a month.

When our freezer died and the fridge started to rapidly decline too it was at the end of week of eating from what was in our freezer, so very little food went to waste. We prayed about our need on a Saturday afternoon, and that Sunday God had provided and our need was no more.

When, at the end of October, we felt filled with this dream to go to a conference at the end of this year, we committed any unexpected dollars that might come in would go towards this. It was a whole hearted commitment, but perhaps a bit dubious of the money actually coming in. We watched, amazed, as unexpected amounts began to trickle in and this past Saturday morning we were short $20 and change. That afternoon Paul got an unexpected check for $22.

This trivialized notion of a  “stroke of good luck” is nonsense; there has been no bated breath, hoping things will turn out in our favor. But rather, an emptying of self and laying it all before our Heavenly Father, knowing He will provide and guide as He knows is best.

We are learning to pray not for those needs we think we have, but for those things the Lord knows we need. Our home is a warm and safe refuge. Our bodies are in good health, with bellies full of good things, and well clothed. There is joy and contentment – all that we are and have is from Him.

We are wealthy. I am thankful.

Oh give thanks to the LORD, for He is good, For His lovingkindness is everlasting. Psalm 107:1

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  1. You hit the “nail on the head”, but then you always do! Read with tears of gratefulness for His great-full-ness to you and us and so many others. EJK

  2. Oh that is beautiful. Thank you Jessica for sharing this with us. God works so well in our lives when we remember to surrender to Him. I am often guilty of trying to solve my own problems though and loved this reminder of how faithful He is in His love for us.

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