52 weeks of Random Acts of Kindness

52 weeks of random acts of kindness - ideas for showing kindness to others all year long.52 Random Acts of Kindness

For the past couple of years I have adopted this habit; do something unexpected and kind for someone else every seven days, or – random acts of kindness. It’s not a once a week deal – it’s a within 7 days of doing one random act of kindness, do another one. There is so much joy in giving and serving others. 

In fact, looking for opportunities to show love to others has been a great way to pull myself out of many a slump. It is so easy to get down when I inward focus. But a change in perspective does wonders for the soul. We can love others because Christ loves us.

It works out to a little bit more than 52 random acts of kindness, but for the sake of simplicity I have compiled 52 ideas for blessing others with random acts of kindness – these ideas for random acts of kindness are ones that I have done or that had been done to me or to close friends. And I hope they serve to inspire ideas on how we can consider others a little bit more and encourage them. 52 weeks of random acts of kindness - ideas for showing kindness to others all year long.

1. Write a thank you note to someone who impacted your life in the past. 

2. Bake a special treat for someone. | I keep a supply of disposable serving dishes to easily share treats with others.

3. Follow up on a conversation you had with someone, remembering details they shared and inquiring about changes.

4. Leave a snack in the mailbox for the mail person. {ice water bottles with Crystal Lite packets, sealed bags of chips or granola bars, etc.}

5. Write a note of encouragement to someone who inspires you.

6. Do a “mail blitz” to someone – commit to one or two weeks of sending a card or small package every day to someone.

7. Watch your friends child(ren) so they can enjoy a date or run errands or otherwise relax.

8. Pass on a good book when you’ve finished it.

9. Pay for the drive thru order for the person behind you.

10. Tip generously.

11. Sincerely compliment someone on their character.

12. Clean up someone elses mess. 

13. Gift a magazine and box of tea. 

14. Pass on nice hand me downs to someone rather than selling them.

15. Leave quarters in those little candy/toy machines.

16. Gift S’more supplies.

17. Make a freezer meal for a friend to use whenever she needs it.

18. Cut the neighbors lawn.

19. Let your children make crafts and gift them to senior citizens. 

20. Leave parking spots closer to the store for other people. 

21. Invite someone over for a meal. 

22. Take someone out for coffee.

23. Invite people for dessert and games.

24. Text someone an encouraging quote or verse.

25. Bring a meal over to a family just getting home from vacation.

26. Invite “orphans” to celebrate holidays with you.

27. Mail a gift to a friends child. 

28. Send a letter to a service member serving overseas. 

29. Write a note of encouragement to the people who regularly interact with your child(ren).

30. Email a $5 giftcard to a coffee shop {Starbucks!} to a far away friend.

31. Spend committed time praying for a friend and her struggle, and after you’ve prayed encourage her by letting her know you’ve been uplifting her in prayer. 

32. Buy some groceries for a friend in need and anonymously leave it on their door step, with recipes if you want.

specifically for those in your home:

33. Do a chore that typically belongs to someone else {make the child’s bed, etc.}

34. Find a new game that every family member can play and surprise the family with it.

35. Commit to a week of something special; afternoon tea and story books, outdoor picnics for lunch, a new playground visit each day. 

36. Initiate a game of hide and seek in the dark throughout your entire house.

37. Send love letters in lunches.

38. Send letters through the mail, delivered to your house.

39. Love your spouses and children’s friends. And say something nice to them about their friends.

40. Eat a meal by candlelight. 

41. Read as many bedtime stories as they want (or, put a generous time cap on it, like reading for an hour.)

42. Hide letters throughout the house for your spouse to find at random.

43. Purchase a tub of ice cream and let everyone dig into the tub with spoons.

44. Buy some nice new toiletries for them.

45. Pack special treats in lunch boxes.

46. Make a meal incorporating everyone’s favorite foods for dinner.

47. Invest time and energy in learning about their hobbies and interests.

48. Encourage your spouse to spend time alone or with friends.

49. Give a back rub to your spouse {or child} that lasts more than two minutes.

50. Initiate a dinner time of sharing with one another what you love and appreciate about each other.

51. Join your child in playing something you don’t normally play – on the trampoline, bike riding, building, crafting, etc.

52. Tell other people things you appreciate about your family within their hearing.

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11 Replies to “52 weeks of Random Acts of Kindness

    1. you inspired me two years ago with your idea to do it all year long :)… I find it works so well to do it “within 7 days of the last RAOK” as opposed to “once a week” – it makes me more focused and diligent about it.

      my boys would be buying dogs for everyone if I let them loose on the RAOK thing 😉

  1. I love this, Jess!! Totally hoping to do some more of this in 2013 – perhaps not quite 52 weeks worth …. but more than last year 😉

  2. I like these ideas a lot. I’m planning a family Valentines where we’ll each draw a name and try to do something for the one whose name we draw 3-4 times during the first 2 weeks of February and then we’ll get together for dinner with a card for the one revealing ourselves. Since we live in 4 different places in town, it will be a bit tricky! I’m going to send this site as some idea starters!

  3. Love this idea! I had a great discussion with my kids about how unexpected kindness can change someone’s day – especially when that comes from an unknown or unexpected source. It started when we were gifted with a gift card to a local restaurant that we had already planned and budgeted to go to on our last Christmas shopping trip. Since we did already have the money to pay for our meal and our server was clearly very busy but working hard to stay cheerful we decided to pay the bill with the gift card but then left all the money we had budgeted for the meal as the tip. The kids got to see the servers face as she realized what we had done and they spent the rest of the day looking for ways to make others smile – complimenting people in lines and holding doors and chatting cheerfully with cashiers. I’m going to share this post with them and see if we can make something like this our goal for this year:)

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