Rahab (& Salmon) :: God draws us out & draws us in :: day 5


God used a man called Moses to lead the people out of Egypt. Millions of Israelites started on a long walk through the wilderness. They defeated cities of enemies that stood in their way. One of the cities that stood before them was Jericho. And in Jericho lived a woman named Rahab.

Rahab was worldly wise and weary of it all – day in and day out were all the same to her and she was tired of it all. Her city was strong and safe, but she never felt strong or safe inside the walls of Jericho.

There were stories going around the city of Jericho that the Israelites were coming their way. Everyone in the city was told to report anyone that looked like they might be an Israelite – they didn’t want any spies in their city! But one day Rahab found two Israelite spies and she quickly ushered them into her house. She hid them on her rooftop and when soldiers came to her door asking if she had seen the spies she turned them away – something about these strangers was stirring something inside her and she wanted to know more.

“I know God has given you this land,” she said to the spies. Destruction of Jericho was coming. Of this she was convinced.  “Please save me and my household,” she asks of the men.

“You and all those who are in your house will be saved and we will treat you fairly and kindly as you have treated us. You must tie a scarlet cord in your window and all who are in this home will live.” The spies slipped out of her home and back to their camp.

Rahab knew nothing of the plans of the Israelites for defeating her city, but her heart beat with excitement as hope grew deep in her heart. Change was coming. She had heard stories of the Israelites God – everyone had heard stories. This misfit group of Israelites had defeated military powers that defied reason because their God fought for them.

Rahab had known the strength of men and seen how even the most powerful of them were weak. But this God she knew He was powerful, she knew was more than any man could be.

Rahab watched out her window as the Israelite army marched close. The city of Jericho was a bustle of activity as their military prepared itself for war, they were preparing for a bloody battle. The Israelites made the first move – they started to walk. And every day they walked all the way around the city wall.

For seven days Rahab watched the Israelite army walk around the city. It thrilled her heart to hear and see these soldiers march around her city each day and her anticipation grew, would this be the day that defeat came to the city of Jericho? Would this be the day that she would be saved? And then, she heard it. A strong shout came from the soldiers and the city walls began to crumble as they folded in all around the city. The noise was deafening, but Rahab knew she was safe in her home with her cord hanging in the window. In time, she was rescued from her home and the Israelite soldiers came and rescued her.

She was brought out of the destruction of Jericho and brought into the privileges of God’s chosen people.

Rahab married Salmon, a descendant of Perez, a man in the direct genealogy to Christ Jesus, which brought Rahab into that line too. A woman who was from a city that was going to be destroyed but was saved because of her faith in the living God.

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