Mothers & Dandelions

photo-1aHe handed me a fist clutched tight with his prized treasure. “For you mama! Beautiful flowers just for you.” His eyes shone bright with pride and as I looked at his childish gift I was struck with how mothers and dandelions have an awful lot in common.

Sometimes these mothering days feel a bit like a handful of dandelions.


Not good for anything.


And sometimes these mothering days need a fresh perspective, like a handful of dandelions in the hands of a child.

No longer ordinary weeds, they are a most precious hand picked gift.

No longer not good for anything, they are a reflection of all that wells up inside for the one to whom it is gifted.

No longer undesirable, but life giving – the source of passing on beauty.

These mothering days, with all of their mundane ordinariness, are a precious gift – each one a gift from our Father. It is in these moments of ordinariness that we preach the loudest. While the meals are made, the floor is swept, the bed sheets changed, the stories read, the endless errands being run – they watch and they learn. The mundane moments matter, arguably, the most. It’s in those moments layers of communications are built, silly jokes are shared, practical lessons are learned (on both ends), and hearts are unburdened.

These mothering days that leave us feeling like we are not good for anything, like we failed and messed up and were too impatient, too loud, too hurried too everything we never wanted to be … these days we need to remember that God Made A Mother and that our children are uniquely ours, a gift! Truth, not feelings, need to calm those fears. Apologies for wayward words and prayers for moving onward in faithfulness in our calling as mothers.

These mothering days that we feel undesirable are fed through inward reflection and jealousy … but they are wrong, and they are a lie that distracts. To be content with our position, our possessions, our place; this would calm the inner lies. To know that imperishable beauty stems from inside and is precious to God would push us to spend time with Him, to know Him, to be like Him. And when we know Him we share the little bits we learn with our own – we plant the seeds. Like a little one excitedly blowing dandelion fluff, we breath God’s word for our own little one’s – with hopes and prayers that God would take our weak and faltering steps and use them for His glory. Knowing that seeds take time to plant and root, so faithful nurturing even through the dry seasons is good.

Continue on mama’s, knowing that He who has called you is faithful and He is clutching you tightly in His grip, because you are His prized treasure. photo-2b


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