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::Giveaway winner is #5 – Shonda. Congrats and I hope your family enjoys it as much as we have!!::

Welcome MOB Bloghoppers!! {For regular blog readers – do you know about The Mob Society?? It is an awesome community for Moms Of Boys by Moms of Boys – and this week they are having a bloghop that you can follow – or join!}

These are my people – the ones that make me laugh til the tears flow, that challenge the way I look at everything, that have me buying 12+ dozen eggs per week, that make my heart feel like it might explode with love.

A quick intro:

Me {Jessica}, stay at home mom and romancer of three hearts. I enjoy reading, photography, writing, crafts, thrifting and time with friends. This blog is a collection of my interests.

Paul, husband of 7 years. Currently pursuing his dream of creating and marketing a supplement for runners. Launch day is almost here. I am so very proud of him!! It should also be noted: Paul is gifted when it comes to doing character voices when reading books out loud. He does a mean Willy Wonka.

Judah, 5 years old. One of my favorite people to talk to. If you need an idea on any subject, just ask him, he’s got your back.

Wesley, 4 years old. Everyone needs a Wesley living in their house. He tells me at least 6 times a day that I am beautiful.

A little bit more about us {and the blog!}:

We will be homeschooling and, for Kindergarten, doing my own patched together curriculum which involves a lot of reading, memory work, real life math scenarios and nature journals. Paul and I were both homeschooled and it’s something we’re both excited about being able to do with our own children. Over the past year we’ve had fun learning about blood, different types of milk, space and a variety of other subjects. Posts about school can be read here.

We love to travel and can’t wait until we’re able to do more international travel as a family!! In November 2010 I took the boys to Nigeria, West Africa for 5 weeks. It was life transforming for both them and myself and a completely humbling experience as I learned to rely completely on the Lord through our struggles there.

Books are a big part of our family life – chapter books, picture books and audio books are all well loved here! I have a list of favorite chapter books for boys that is updated as we complete new books and every two months I share my own personal reading list that I have enjoyed.

This year we are working on developing one new habit a month. It’s been an incredibly rewarding experience to focus on just one habit each month and something I would like to continue each year. Ideas and progress on our habits can be read here. This months habit is keeping your word.

A very favorite book to giveaway:

One of our families favorite books is King of Glory by P.D. Bramsen.

“This book is incredible. Parents seeking to share the gospel with their children need this book. This is God’s story of romance and redemption, broken down into 70 scenes, each with it’s own beautiful full page painting.

The seriousness of sin and how it separates us from God, our creator, is not simply sugar glossed over. The first 19 scenes gets us up to Adam and Eve being banished from the garden.”
– excerpt from a more in depth review I wrote on it here.

51fN95bqzcL. SL500  King of Glory   Book Giveaway *Closed*

I have one copy of this book to giveaway today!! Just leave a comment on this post and you’ll be entered to win! Share this giveaway and leave a second comment letting me know you did so and you’ll be entered a second time! Make sure you leave an email address so I can contact you if you’re the winner! Winner will be announced Monday, July 23.

I am so excited to get to know other boy mama’s!! Thanks for stopping by!!

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11 Replies to “MOB BlogHop & Book Giveaway ::closed::

  1. Hi Jessica! I'm so glad you stopped by from the MOB Blog Hop. It is always wonderful to meet mom's of boys. I'll be looking forward to getting to know you and your family.

  2. I love Brooke and the MOB Society…she is a writer with me at The Better Mom…and I always appreciate the connections with moms of boys 🙂

    I've never read King of Glory…it looks great though and we LOVE books!

    Thanks for stopping by our place and saying introducing yourself…looking forward to getting to know you crew 🙂

  3. Thanks for this post about MOB society! I'm trying to get back to blogging and trying to do a better job of raising boys. This blog hop has inspired me! Thanks!

  4. Hi Jessica- Thanks for visiting Milk N' Honey! You have a lovely family and that is so great that you will homeschool and that you were homeschooled. I would love a copy of your book but I will be out of town from July 23-30 so I could not respond if I won. PS. Could you enter my giveaway again and put your email address just in case you are the winner?

  5. Great photos! I do some preschool stuff with my guy, and I hope to homeschool next year for kindergarten. We'll see…Great to meet you!

  6. Hello there! Stopping in from the blog hop. I think it's amazing that you are teaching your boys so much from young! Nice to meet you! 🙂

  7. Hey-hey! Do I still have time to enter? It is the 23rd, after all! That looks like a good book to add to our mini collection. Josh is LOVING Bible stories and that makes me so happy. 🙂

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