mind mapping 2013 goals

mind mappingI have kind of always done mind mapping – I take notes, make lists and plan events in this visual style. A few weeks ago I was searching for something at the library and stumbled upon a mind mapping book. I was intrigued – I’ve always done mind mapping but have never known it was “mind mapping”.

I enjoyed reading through the book and picking up some new ideas and was then inspired to do mind mapping for my 2013 goals.

It’s fairly meaningless to others, but it is a lot more inspiring than a list of goals would be. ItĀ encompassesĀ a lot more than a list of goals could. And it was a whole lot more fun to create than a written list.

It has things I want to do, attitudes to embrace, things to learn, disciplines to strive for… and room for me to add things to it.

It will be a great visual reminder to hang over my desk to remind me of what I want to do and work towards in 2013.

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