Jotham :: God is to be considered in all we do :: Day 16


Jotham took over the role of king rather suddenly when his father, Uzziah, became ill with leprosy.

King Jotham wanted to do what was right in the sight of the Lord, but the people continued in their corrupt practices.

King Jotham never did enter the temple, the place where his father had sinned by trying to make his own offering to God. While we know that he walked faithfully before God, perhaps it was a stumbling block to his people that he did not tear down the false idols and he avoided entering the temple, where God was to be worshiped.

As King Jotham walked faithfully before the Lord he became more powerful. Have you noticed the connection between obedience and the king doing well? Obedience is so important to God!

Through his reign he did a lot of repairs on the temple. King Jotham also declared war on the Ammonites. He conquered them and for three years they paid him a tribute of silver, wheat and barley.

jotham 1Have you heard of Isaiah, Hosea, Micah or Amos? They were all prophets that were alive at the same time as King Jotham.

Jotham was a good king and his strength lay in the fact that He considered God in all that he did.


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