Jehoram :: God is just :: day 14


genealogy-of-jesus--jehoramJehoram was given the kingdom by his father Jehoshaphat as he was the first born son. However, when Jehoshaphat died Jehoram killed all of his brothers and some of the officials of Israel.
Jehoram followed in the wicked ways of the northern kingdom under the rule of King Ahab , for his wife was Ahab’s daughter.

While Jehoram was king there were people within his kingdom rebelling against him because of his rejection of God.

Jehoram set up places of worship for idols and led his kingdom away from God.

Elijah, the prophet, sent a letter to Jehoram. In the letter Elijah chastised him for his evil ways and warned him that God was about to strike his people, sons and wives and everything that was his with a heavy blow.

Elijah also told Jehoram that he would be afflicted with a stomach disease that would eventually cause his bowels to come out.

The Philistines and the Arabs attacked Jehoram’s kingdom and carried off all of the goods found in the kings palace, including Jehoram’s sons and his wives. Only his youngest son, Ahaziah, remained.

genealogy of jesusAfter all this the Lord fulfilled his word and Jehoram became sick with an incurable disease of the bowels.

At the end of the second year of this affliction his bowels came out and he died a painful death. We’re told that he passed away to no one’s regret.

There was no funereal fire in his honor, as had been given to his predecessors, and while he was buried in the City of David, he was not buried in the tombs of the kings.


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