Illustrated Family Bible Stories


Illustrated Family Bible Stories published by New Leaf Press is a beautifully illustrated Bible story book for children. Over 200 stories are included, giving a pretty comprehensive overview of the Old and New Testament events. 

The margin of each story contains additional historic information, giving a lot of interesting tidbits and pictures to give a depth of understanding and to bring the ancient culture to life.

There are a few additional references included too that include an explanation of how the scriptures were written, an introduction to God’s chosen people, an introduction to the Kings of Israel, Food and Animals in the Bible, and Daily Life in Bible times.

Each story is titled and gives the corresponding Bible chapter(s) where the story can be found – an excellent way to draw the child’s attention to the fact that these stories come from God’s word. The images are very detailed and not at all “cute-sy” (for whatever reason, my boys hate cute-sy illustrations, they have enjoyed these illustrations.)

I appreciate the accuracy that this book takes with details. For example, in the story of Noah’s Ark it includes the fact that God called the animals to the ark and that God closed the door – both true, but details that are often changed. The people are darker skinned – no fair skinned, blonde haired people.

Another aspect I appreciate about this book is that it tackles some of the lesser known stories – the rebuilding of the Temple from Haggai is talked about, as well as a story from Zechariah and two from Malachi.

I enjoy having a collection of excellently illustrated and articulated Bible story books – none of them take the place of God’s word but they do offer a simpler explanation of events and help to reinforce Biblical teaching in our home.  I am happy to have this excellent resource added to our collection.

This book was given to me as part of the Moms of Master Books to review. The opinions expressed are my own.

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